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Bon Apetit!

French for wish you a healthy appetite!

Bon Appetit!
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This community is for everyone to share recipes, post photos food related, give & get advice, tips, etc. It is mainly focused on talking about food & share experiences, ideas, recipes, rate restaurants for example & just have fun!

Can definitely put recipe requests, & submit your own recipes, whether they are low in calories/carbs, vegetarian, or just plain delicious. Give your opinion/thoughts on recipes you tried.

Food Network is the hottest thing on TV & so it is encouraged to talk about things you've seen on the Food Network that you'd like to talk about/share, & talk about your favorite foods, as well as your favorite shows on Food Network, or any other tv show.

Membership is open. Be sure to read this post first before you do anything else. My personal journal can be found at illuminantsoul.

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